Why using a Limo For a Family Party is a great idea..!


Once one of my colleagues told me that if you want to feel truly ecstatic, give yourself a chance to pamper yourself in a way that a celebrity would do or a Hollywood star appear in your favorite movie. Even if that meant spending a fortune to feel  that way just for a single day of your life, that one special day, for yourself or for your loved ones.

That sounded a bit tad too foolish to me at the moment. Of course I kept my thoughts to myself and just smiled at my well meaning colleague. Few months later, when it was the time my brother’s family was coming to visit me at Marin this summer; I was going to see my niece after a year, and was truly excited at the prospect of spending some quality time with her and the rest of the family.

I had arranged for us to visit all the famous and fun spots in and around the town for the family to take a look. I invited few close friends as well to join us on few of these rendezvous. I had even prepared my place for everything to make my family feel welcome.

I and my niece have been really closed since she came into the world and this was going to be her 18th birthday that we were going to celebrate together. I wanted to make our time together most memorable one.

Amidst all those shopping sprees and family outings I kept thinking to myself that how do I make this birthday ever memorable for us all? Then my colleague’s words came back to me, to engage a limo service, after all I wanted my family to have best of the time to express my love for them, I decided to give it a shot by engaging a limo transportation for taking the family around for sightseeing and finally to a lavish dinner to mark the day.

I guess that one day truly redefined the meaning of luxury travel for us all, and it was not just the luxury of making the impression but the whole experience left us truly awed. The chauffer was amazing with his pleasant smile and endearing disposition and was very accommodating to all our inquiries about places we were visiting, took photographs and even suggested some more useful routes for future travels.

The vehicle itself was a stylish and elegant black sedan and my family was delighted with the whole experience. I found myself happily signing the hefty check to limousine service provider, which was truly worth the experience and even considering future travels in the likes.

I think when it comes to family’s happiness; we all are willing to go that extra mile. In this instance my niece hugged me and told me that she had had the best day of her life and thanked me for ensuring that. That simply made all my efforts worth it. It filled my heart with such an ecstasy that I found myself short of words to make any reply to her and simply hugged her back.